préservatif pour vin

The Condom Wine

The Condom wine

What’s that?

No, I don’t want to talk about a new flavor of condom but a new device for winelovers.

It’s look like condom but it’s replace the cork of an unfinished bottle.

This little peace of rubber can preserve the wine in best condition.

Just open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle!

At first, it will be very embarassing to take him out at dinners but then so hilarius to explain your guests what is it about !

Démonstration de l'utilisation du condom wine
It’s easy and fun to use condom wine

Wine condom was invented in 2014 by a mon-son duo (so weird).

After a diner, they wing a cover for their unfinished bottle and laugh about it’s seem to be a condom.

Even if it was first a joke, they decided to apply their project  of wine stoppers on kickstarter.

It was a success and now the joke surpassed 1 million $ of sales!

It’s a very great gift for every boys and girls and mostly for winelovers!





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