official drinks for Ryder Cup

This is the 42nd edition of the Ryder Cup!

Major event of the golf world

This is the first time in France! The Golf National Saint Quentin en Yvelines  organise from 28 to 30 September the ryder cup. 

The competition exist for almost 100 years (the first took place in 1927 and is held every 2 years.) At the beginning, it was a team confrontation between USA and Great Britain but since 1979 with the emergence of European champions like Ballesteros (Spanish) and the lack of victory of the English, the competition now opposes the 12 best from Europe against the 12 best Americans. In France, Golfing is not a national sport like football. In 1970 there were only 20,000 official players. Today french official players are about 400 000 people while in America there are 27 millions players!

 The Ryder Cup is the third most followed sporting event in the world after: the World Cup football and the Olympic Games.

The Ryder Cup in numbers:

- 24 best players in the world
- 26 victories for the USA and 13 victories for Europe
- 1.3 billion viewers - 300,000 viewers for 90 nationalities
- 50 TV channels in 185 countries
- 5,000 hours of TV broadcast
- 2,500 journalists
- € 100 million in economic benefits on average


Golfers in compétition this sunday :


sunday match up ryder cup
sunday match up ryder cup



Unfortunatly , there is no french champion this year, but the come back of the champion Tiger woods at his best level can replace easily this lack!

What to drink during the event?

The official sponsors are also the middle behemoth!     For the third time,  the official wine is Mouton Cadet by Baron Philippe de Rothschild. A best seller whose reputation is well established! 21 bottles of Mouton Cadet would be open every minute in the world. (11 million bottles sold by year.



The wine was born from a collaboration between Pierre Lambert de Mouton Cadet and Chiara Mondavi. The wine is limited edition and can be obtained in England at the Hyatt and Softiel hotels in London and directly at the Golf de Saint Quentin during the competition!     For alcohols and champagnes, unsurprisingly, Champagne Moet and Chandon and Cognac Hennessy from LVMH will offer their prestigious range to public and private restaurants and during the gala dinners of the competition!

If you are on site, let’s try the french cocktail of the golfer after 18 holes; it’s called a chose and it was created by René Lacoste !

In a glass half Schweppes Indian Tonic and half Pampryl grapefruit juice







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