Kingsman le cercle d'or Merlin et Eggsy boivent le bourbon old forester de brown forman du kentucky

Kingsman 2 The golden circle in whisky world

Kingsman 2: The golden circle in whisky world


Don’t miss the second part of Kingsman “The Golden circle” especially if you are a drinklover.

Kingsman, the British secret service, faces a new attack.

As a bomb collapes and destroys their headquaters, the agents discovered a powerful allied organization named statesman, founded long ago in the united states.

Faced with this threat, the two elite services will have no choice but to join forces to save the world from the  enemies.

We will appreciate that the "statesman organization" use a distillery to integrate the Kingsman !

And in addition, The whisky’s film really exist !

kingsman stateman old forester
Kingsman stateman old forester


Without spoiling the story, you will discover agents with names evocative of alcohol:

  • Champagne ou “Champ” is performed by Jeff Bridges:  He is the statesman’s leader and he bought the scottish distillery and integrates the kingsman members into his organization
  • Ginger Ale is performed by Halle Berry. She is the technical support of the team.
  • Tequila  is performed by Channing Tatum. He is the first agent statesman who met the kingsman agents Eggsy and Merlin.  
  • Jack Daniels codename “wiskey” is performed by Pedro Pascal. This agent is based in the agency of New York.

This spoof movie parody is really a success! We appreciate the english humor and you didn’t have to see him seriusly!



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